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Enduro Week


Meet all the others at our starting point in Verbier. In the later afternoon, we will check all the gear, discuss the weekly plan and dosome last minute food shopping.

We will start our week by using the local cable cars to avoid some meters in altitude. On beautiful trails, we will head east towards a high altitude mountain hut where we will be stayin overnight. To get there we will be crossing a peak as high as 2500 meters. Uphill: 800 Meters, Length: 33 km

This morning you are in for a special treat: over 1000 meters of descent into the valley. Having reached the lowest point, we will be taking a shuttle up to 1900 meters. From here it is pedalling alongside a beautiful lake before the long hike starts. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views on glacers as well as some of the highest peaks in the alps. Tonight we will be staying at hotel with all amenities. Highest point will be a mountain pass at almost 3000 meters. Uphill: 1100 Meters, Length: 29 km

Today is a fully self suppported trip. with over 1000 meters of ascent and even a longer descent, this is the longest day of our tour. The amazing singletrails we will be hitting on our way down are worth the effort. Highest point over 2800 meters. Uphill: 1450 Meters, Length: 33 km

On Wednesday we will start the day with a cable car and some casual pedalling. Then we have a 600 meter climb in front of us that will most likely be done by pushing & carrying. The pass at 2800 meters is the start of a long downhill that starts of rocky and heads into needle forests. Luckily there is one lonely hotel at the end of a secluded valley where we will be staying overnight. Uphill: 700 Meters, Length: 25 km

After a great breakfast at the hotel, we will leave the beautiful valley and head for the next pass. The first couple of 100 meters in altitude we can use our pedals whereas some remaining ones will have to be done by pushing and/or carrying. Then you are up for the longest descent of the week. From 2800 down to 600 meters all in one go. Our overnight location, a mountain hotel on 1900 meters, we will be reaching with a small cable car. Uphill: 1100 Meters, Length: 22 km

The last riding day offers everything from techy sections to long flowy descents hitting some of our guides favourite trails on the way. We will head for Brig with its beautiful old town where we will stay for the last night and enjoy the great local food. Uphill: 1200 Meters, Length: 35 km

Return shuttle is provided for you to the airport/trainstation/carpark



We will be using a mix of mountain huts, mountain hotels and regular hotels where possible

  • Authentic swiss hotels
  • Double rooms (except one overnight stay at a mountain hut)
  • Breakfast included
  • Lunch packages available


Difficulty: 3/4

Endurance level: 3/4


Price: 1490 CHF

Technical level:



  • 7 days hotel, mountain hotel or mountain hut accommodation
  • Luggage transport from each hotel to the next (except mountain hut and mountain hotel)
  • All cable cars
  • All van transfers & uplifts
  • Local guiding on all tours
  • Small groups (max. of 7 riders)
  • Access to tools
  • Help with setup of bike
  • All CO2 emissions during the week are offset in cooperation with myclimate