WHO we are:

We are passionate mountain bikers and love our Valais trails! We have been exploring our homeland since early childhood – even nowadays we discover new places. These famous trails, built by our ancestors, take us to remote mountain villages, hidden mountain passes and refreshing mountain lakes. Be it on a mountain bike or sometimes by foot, our goal is usually the same: Diving into the unique Valais landscapes, discovering cultural treasures or enjoying local culinary specialties. We are happy to take you with us!

As one of the first MTB tour operators in Valais, we have been offering various multi-day packages for many years (including our all-time classic – the “Valais Haute Route“). We also organize individual MTB / hiking experiences or personalized MTB technique training. Our guides are all certified Swiss Cycling Guides.

Jan Oggier

Guide + Manager

Rides at: Leuk/Jeizinen, Canton of Valais/Wallis, Bern

Loves: Trails, alpine Tours on the bike and on skis, afterride-beer 😉

Education on bike: Swiss Cycling Guide

Nicolas Wicki

Guide + Flow Inspector

Rides at: Zermatt, Upper Valais, Neuchâtel

Loves: Enduro-flow bro, Bikeparks + Snowsports

Education on bike: Swiss Cycling Guide, J+S Guide Bicycling

Stefan Oberer

Guide + Technik Experte

Rides at: Valais/Wallis, Steiermark (AT), Val Müstair GR

Loves: techn. Singletrails, Peak-Biking

Education on bike: Swiss Cycling Guide & J+S Guide Bicycling